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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 6, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. breaking news overnight in the iran showdown. a surprise announcement. iran says it will let foreigners inspect their secret nuclear complexes suspected of developing nuclear bombs. under threat of war, is iran beginning to blink? super tuesday showdown. a fight to the finish now. decision day in ten states. romney and santorum waging a fierce fight for the big prize, ohio. will only one of them be left standing when the votes are counts tonight? buried alive. the heart-pounding moments when this snowmobiler was buried under snow. the desperate moments to dig him out caught on tape. and battle of the sitcom siblings. "growing pains" costars kirk
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cameron and tracey gold in a heated war of words over gay rights. inside their family feud. good morning, on this super tuesday. robin is off today. great to welcome back elizabeth vargas. >> it's nice to be here on this super tuesday morning. ten voters in ten states going to poll todays. and an amazing story of courage. the tornadoes wreaking havoc and destruction. well, this story is about a mother's ultimate sacrifice to save her children. she is alive. she's okay. her family will never forget what she did to save those little ones. as the tornado roared right over them. >> such great instincts. terrific story. and the wall of snow thundering towards a snowmobiler in utah.
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but look at this. more footage here of another avalanche taking out a ski lift. >> oh, my gosh, i've never seen anything like that. >> it's thundering right over there. the people were screaming as the mountain collapsed. no one was killed in that. we'll get to all the details just ahead. >> wow. first, josh elliott has the other top stories. including the news out of iran. allowing inspectors in. >> yes, a degree of detente. good morning all to of you. the breaking news. the nuclear showdown with iran. they have agreed to allow inspectors into a military site just southeast of the capital of tehran. for the very latest, let's get to abc's jake tapper at the white house. good morning to you, jake. >> reporter: good morning. this is not a nuclear facility. it's a military facility where there is suspected weaponization going on. where there is an explosives research and development going on. the significant of this could be
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understated in some ways. and the timing is also very curious, josh. it comes just hours after israel prime minister netanyahu speaking before a pro-israel group here in washington said that none of us can afford to wait much longer to stop iran's nuclear weapons program. to stop them from obtaining a weapon. talking about how israel would be willing to take action to defend itself. so it is a very interesting development. >> this showdown, josh. >> we'll have that all morning. thank you from the nation's capital. meanwhile, senator john mccain is calling for u.s.-led air strikes against syria. he says president obama has not done enough to stop the brutal crackdown on its own people. meanwhile, here at home, a terrifying trip to the hoover dam for dozens of tourists. a tour bus catches fire. all 60 passengers got out safely. it appears the engine overheated while going up a hill. and some encouraging news about the economy. top money experts surveyed
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by the associated press believe the economy added another 210,000 jobs last month. they also predict unemployment will now fall to an even 8% by november. almost half a percent lower than first thought. a chaotic scene at the california state capitol. dozens of protesters were arrested after refusing to leave the building. they had been demonstrating against tuition hikes at state colleges and universities there. a college basketball powerhouse admits they may have after testing positive for drug use. our colleagues at yahoo! are saying that at least ten players were involved over the past dozen years, including the one year where syracuse won the title. and mystery winner of the $336.4 million jackpot will go public today. all we know, the winning tishgt was sold at a supermarket in rhode island last month.
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we also know that i was not in newport, rhode island, last month. the lump sum payout, $210 million. hey, everybody. that's before taxes. it's the sixth largest jackpot in power ball -- you end up getting about 35%, 36%. of the total. >> i'd take the lump sum, i think. >> yeah, you go lump sum. >> you never know, you could get hit by a truck tomorrow or something. >> me too. super tuesday is here. voters coast to coast going to the polls. can mitt romney win enough of them tonight to put this race away? that's the big question on "your voice your vote." abc's jon karl starts us off from the capital, the biggest prize, ohio. jon? >> reporter: good morning, george. it's come to this. today, the biggest day yet in the battle for the republican nomination. of all those states voting today, none is more important
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than this one, battleground, ohio. mitt romney hoping for a big win in ohio today that he can prove the doubters wrong and take a giant leap towards clinching the republican nomination. >> if you do your job tomorrow, we're going to win this thing. hi, how are you? >> reporter: romney's relying more than ever now on his wife ann. she said her struggles with m.s. have taught her to be more compassionate. >> i don't consider myself wealthy. it can be here today and gone tomorrow. how i measure riches is by the friends i have and the loved ones i have and the people i care about in my life. >> reporter: romney's most effective weapon in ohio has been his onslaught of negative ads, most of them aimed at santorum. >> just another washington insider. >> reporter: campaigning in westerville, ohio, santorum says the big spending attacks are a sign of romney's weakness. >> the people of ohio are here today, here in westerville, standing strong and firm for you and not believing all of the
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negativity. wanting not someone who can just pound their opponent into the ground, but someone who can lift up the country. >> reporter: santorum told us it's a victory for him to still be standing. >> we're winning. whether we end up with the most votes, we're winning. i mean, i'm being outspent 12 to 1 here in ohio. i mean, it's -- david and goliath. just negative ad after negative ad. 24/7. >> reporter: former first lady barbara bush is supporting romney but at a first ladies conference in dallas, she said, she, too, is appalled by the negative tone of the campaign. >> i think the worst campaign i have ever seen in my life. i would like this campaign to be over. >> reporter: but it may not be over for awhile. no matter what happens today, even a big romney win, rick santorum and newt gingrich are made it clear they are in this for the long haul, george? >> jon, thanks very much. let's bring in matthew dowd. romney, the big prize in ohio. what are you watching tonight?
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>> i think the other two of the ten states we should look at first is tennessee. tennessee is the place that mitt romney has the opportunity to win a southern state. he has to show some strength in this country and in this process of winning a southern state. tennessee is the place for him to do that. and if rick santorum loses ohio, the only other place he can show he's still in the game is tennessee. the other place is georgia. georgia i think is the place where gingrich could be a lazarus again, win big and still stay in this race. watch tennessee and georgia. >> meanwhile, on mitt romney. we're seeing he's doing -- a new abc news/"post" poll, he's doing better with conservatives. overall, but still under water on this question of favorability with the broader eelectorate by ten points. >> a big problem with favorability. he hopes today ends the winter of his discontent. he has to get out of this process and begin to rebuild his image. he's probably in one of the worst positions that a
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republican candidate has been winning the nomination and going into a general election. >> we just saw in josh's newscast, with 10,000 jobs being created this month, people believe the economy is getting better. >> you look at the numbers. people think the economy is growing. the gap at the start was 28 points. now not so much. a much better position for barack obama. it complicates mitt romney's message on the economy where the passion and the anger has dissipated on that. >> we'd expect the president to talk about that in his press conference at 1:00 this afternoon. tune in to abc tonight. diane sawyer and i will have full coverage of the super tuesday showdown. let's turn to rush limbaugh. he's on the defensive, after apologizing for a second time for calling a law student a "slut and prostitute" on his radio show. but the attacks on him just keep coming, despite the apologies. abc's dan harris has the latest on the backlash. nor advertisers backing out of
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the show and two dropping. >> yes, absolutely. good morning to you. liberal groups are going all out. they're mounting an aggressive campaign to get limbaugh sponsors to pull their ads. they're hoping this is rush limbaugh's don imus moment. overnight, the late-night comics had the proverbial field day with rush limbaugh's contrition mission. >> the apology was heartfelt. >> i don't get too worked up about the things he says. because he's been a terrible person. [ laughter ] >> remember, he only apologized to keep his advertisers. proving rush will do anything with his mouth for cash. [ laughter ] >> reporter: meanwhile, more sponsors are pulling out. the latest, allstate and aol. even peter gabriel, the musician got in on the act, telling limbaugh he can no longer use the song "sledgehammer." ♪ where are which was playing in the background last week as lynn baugh mercilessly mocked sandra fluke. >> it makes her a slut, right?
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a prostitute? >> reporter: a 30-year-old law student who testified in front of congress. in support of enforcing insureds. >> reporter: i caught up with her backstage at "the view." you don't seem displeased by the pressure he's under. >> i don't think it's going to be a bad thing for the women of america if we don't hear this type of rhetoric again. >> reporter: and yet, limbaugh himself doesn't seem so nervous. >> those advertisers that no longer want your business, fine. >> reporter: as for sandra fluke, she's making it clear she's not about to forgive the man who called her a slut. even if he reaches out to her personally. >> the attacks he made against me personally on the air were enough personal contact for a lifetime. >> reporter: as much as it may frustrate some on the left to hear this, he's not going anywhere any time soon. he's got 15 million listeners on 600 stations, although at least two have dropped him. it's even possible some say this
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controversy could help limbaugh draw a larger audience. >> really? >> yes. >> thanks so much. now to a hero mom who saved her children from a tornado's fury. she protected her kids with everything she had and paid a high price. abc's matt gutman brings this story from west liberty, kentucky. good morning, matt. >> reporter: through some combination of grit and drive, she saved her kids. even as her home burst around her like popcorn. refrigerator, table, cinder blocks. she saved the two kids. it nearly cost her her life. when her home wasn't enough to protect her two children, stephanie decker protected them with her body. >> i heard the roar. i heard it behind me. and i knew it was coming. they needed me. they -- they had to have me. i had to figure out what to do. >> reporter: her home was being sucked into the monster tornado as it wiped out huge sections of
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henryville, indiana. in her first interview, decker tells abc news as the storm approached she dashed into the basement with domenic 8 and little reece just 5 years old. >> i put the children in -- it was a comforter. and i tied the comforter. and my daughter said, i don't like this. i said, i know. >> reporter: then came the cascade of debris and immediate agony. >> i was yelling. i have a punctured lung and seven broken ribs. yelling was hard to do. >> reporter: then she looked down, her legs both crushed. >> i knew i was cut. but i realized that i'm either barely attached for completely severed. i knew if it didn't get help soon, i was going to bleed out. >> reporter: then this hero mother watched as a new hero emerged. her son, dominic, raced for help. >> if nothing else happened, if i didn't make it, i died right here today, then my kids were
7:14 am
okay. >> reporter: hours later, their mom was in the hospital, her legs amputated. but her family still intact. >> i'm not going to let this ruin my life. >> reporter: left in the driveway, a testament to the family's survival. reese and "d" for dominic. >> we wanted the kids there to be able to put their handprints. this is theirs. excuse me. it's part of our family. >> reporter: now, you see those -- the extent of those injury, george it's incredible to think that both kids came out without a scratch. now stephanie is in critical but stable condition. she's due to undergo surgery on both her legs later this week, george. >> wow, that is really something. that little boy acted so well as well. >> what a profile in courage from that mother. to a stunning story of being buried alive. a snowmobiler cruising down a regular run when a gigantic wave
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of snow, an avalanche overtook him, and left him fighting for his life. and his friends frantically searching for him. josh has more on that story. we have been seeing a lot of the avalanche stories. >> we certainly have. as the fresh snow sits in generous quantities. tyson black was buried under ten feet of snow for more than 20 minutes. as you saw, his friend caught the entire thing on tape and tyson black has his friends now to thank for saving his life. >> where is he? where is he at? >> reporter: engulfed boy an avalanche, tyson black was barreling down the mountain. one hand on the snowmobile. one trying to create an air pocket around his face. he knew he would son be buried under snow. tyson was able to poke his arms out of the snow before he fell into a deep crevasse. trapped under the snow, unconscious. unable to move, still able to breathe. >> i couldn't believe it was
7:16 am
happening to us. we were just thinking we were invincible. >> reporter: after 20 minutes of frantic searching, his friends were able to locate him. >> heavy, heavy stuff. each shovel full was a work to get it up and out. >> reporter: finally, they were able to dig him out. other than a bruised knee, he suffered no significant injuries. and was back at work the next day. also, no injuries roared 5,000 miles away in the french alps, dozens of skiers were left dangling in midair after this avalanche. look at the wall of snow as the mountain literally seems to collapse. several skiers had to be rescued by helicopter. one more note on tyson black. he says he usually wears an avalanche beacon. was not wearing one when the accident happened. thankfully, again, though, his friends were actually watching him. >> and was not wearing that avalanche backpack that we see. >> yes.
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>> all right, josh, thank you so much. what a story. let's check in with sam. >> just a reminder. look at the temperatures. then take a look at these pictures. even though we haven't had a lot of winter, an suv doesn't stop on ice. it just won't. nothing will. and so in columbus, ohio. there have been a lot of these yesterday, on slick spots, black ice. we've got more of that in virginia and west virginia today. washington, d.c., 26. be careful. the early morning temperatures will come right back up.
7:18 am
>> most of us get a warmup. we'll talk about that next half hour. so, elizabeth, george, josh. >> welcome back, sam. well, we have all gotten that sticker shock at the movies. small popcorn and soda, throw in gummi bears for your kids and 20 bucks is gone.
7:19 am
one mother moviegoer has decided to fight back. john berman is telling us how he's doing it. >> reporter: want to scream? you could see "friday the 13th" at the movies. or you could just see the price they charge for popcorn. [ screaming ] >> reporter: a few years ago, a professor calculated that theaters were selling popcorn at a 1300% markup. in michigan, one man said he paid $8 for a coke and a pack of goobers. three time what is he paid if he bought them outside. so this man, joshua thompson, decided to do something about it. hire a lawyer. >> you can't handle the truth! >> reporter: no, not that layer from "a few good men." but a layer to file this class action lawsuit saying consumers can't handle the prices. and that theaters are charging grossly in excess of the price at which the exact same food and beverage products were sold for less than two miles away. the suit says he used to bring his own snacks until amc
7:20 am
theaters said no outside food allowed. of course, you could try to sneak food in like phil and claire on "modern family." >> because i've got some twix up my sleeve. >> reporter: but not like kramer on "seinfeld." >> what just happened here? >> nothing, nothing. >> reporter: the class action suit might be popular, but it doesn't seem like a winner. for the time being, if you keep deciding -- ♪ let's all go to the lobby >> reporter: be prepared to -- [ screaming ] >> reporter: because it's going to cost you. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news, new york. >> and we heard from amc overnight, and they say they spend a lot of time and effort to make sure everyone has a great moviegoing experience. >> and thanks for it. coming up, bombshell testimony in the day care murder trial. a major blow to the case of the man who claims visions of olivia newton-john and barry white made him hill.
7:21 am
nancy grace will be here. and the x factor. christie brinkley and peter cook hurling new allegations at each other. why he says he's the one being bullied. [ female announcer ] discover dove's new nutri-oil serum with precious argan oil. a nourishing serum that boosts smoothness and shine, all without weighing hair down. dove anti-frizz serum.
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>> if you are going to the bay bridge traffic there is all the way backed up in the maze we have a live shot westbound 80, westbound 580 slows before the top of the maze. >> when we come back, mike is going to tell us more about the blustery conditions.úúúúúúúú
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you can see from sutro tower bounding the windses very fast. we'll start with current conditions mid to upper 40s but he falls cooler thanks to gusts 15 in santa rosa, 43 sfo, 40 half moon bay fastest winds aren't here yet the advisory starts at noon toñsñsñsñsñsñsñsc
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that is the man at the center of the day care murder trial. he is under all kinds of pressure now. the prosecution poking holes in his insanity defense. he claims that ghosts resembling barry white and olivia newton-john drove him to kill. but those prosecutors forced a bombshell admission from a witness for the defense. dan and nancy are here to weigh in. good morning, america. robin off today. glad to have elizabeth here. more on the bitter battle of the he said, she said between christie brinkley and her ex-husband. brinkley accusing her ex of harassing her. peter cook countering saying he's in fact the one being bullied by her lawyers. we'll have the latest on this angry war of words. this divorce happened four years
7:31 am
ago. >> they're still fighting. another big war of words on twitter right now. tracey gold is taking on kirk cameron over gay rights. they are going at it. we'll have all the details on that "growing pains" family feud just ahead. first to the so called day care murder trial. prosecutors have been hammering away at one of the defense's key witnesses, getting big concessions from the psychologist who claimed that hemy neuman was insane on the day he gunned down his alleged romantic rival. and abc's reena ninan joins us this morning with the very latest. good morning, reena. >> reporter: were andrea sneiderman and hemy neuman in on this murder together? >> redirect? >> that there was -- >> reporter: prosecutors appeared to blow holes through hemy neuman's insanity defense late monday. during a heated cross-examination asking dr. adrianna flores why she only
7:32 am
reviewed a summary of neuman's psychiatric records. >> something could be in the material you didn't get. >> i believe i had sufficient information to arrive at my opinion. >> which you don't know and you don't care? >> of course i care. >> but you have not reviewed the materials, so you don't know. >> reporter: newman is charged with killing rusty sneiderman outside of this georgia day care in 2010. his lawyers say he was delusional at the time of the killing not knowing right from wrong. >> do you have anything to say? >> reporter: but dr. flores dropped another bombshell on the stand, suggesting prosecutors had aggravated when he said newman saw spirits in the former of singers barry white and olivia newton-john. >> has there ever been a description from hemy that he ever saw a vision of olivia newton-john? or a 6-foot olivia newton-john? >> no, he has not. >> reporter: instead, dr. flores argued that newman was in part manipulated by andrea sneiderman, the wife of the man he killed.
7:33 am
>> he felt, he believed that they had this special connection and that they would be together forever and raise the kids forever. >> reporter: attorneys on both sides believe neuman and sneiderman were having an affair, a charge she has denied under oath. >> on monday, defense attorneys went further asking if sneiderman had pushed newman, leaving him to believe her children were in danger. >> she was planting these suggestions and manipulating him into believing what she believed and thinking what she thought. >> reporter: court doesn't resume until thursday but attorneys seem confident they'll have this trial wrapped up as early as this week. neuman could face life in prison if found guilty. >> all right, marine na, thank you so much. let's bring in our legal team right now. nancy grace is the host of hln's "nancy grace." she's in los angeles. here in new york is "gma" legal analyst dan abrams. good morning to you both. nancy, i would like to start with you. the whole case from the defense rests on the thought that mr. neuman was insane at the time. yet testimony that he was
7:34 am
wearing a disguise, he was driving a rental car, that he lied to police. doesn't that prove he knew what he was doing was wrong? >> well, you're absolutely correct. not only that, the disguise, the rental car, the getting rid of the gun in lake lanier which is a substantial distance away from where the incident occurred. all indicate that he knew what was going on. plus, he underwent five hours of police interrogation and never cracked. and what's really damning are the defense's own two shrinking. the main one, dr. flores, says she didn't read the whole file. evidence has come out that this guy who oversaw literally thousands of engineers at g.e., had no history of mental illness. then his other shrink gets on the stand and says, it reminds me of david and beth sheeba.
7:35 am
you don't say that in the bible belt. where the jurors know what you're talking about because david in the story of david in bethsheeba, plans the execution of his love object's husband. intentionally. that was a bad comparison. >> dan, dr. flores also testified on the stand that she had no independent confirmation that in fact mr. neuman had been seeing these visions of olivia newton-john and barry white. how damaging is that? >> well, look, i'm not going to defend this defense because i think they're in big, big trouble here but when you're in a spot where you're a psychologist and you're evaluating what someone has said, you don't tend to have corroboration for visions. now, the problem is that he's very selective about when it is that he comes forward with these visions. why did he come forward at one point and not at other points? why does it seem that the visions transform from sounds into visions, et cetera? so they're in a really tough
7:36 am
spot here, the defense and it's compounded by the fact that the defense's own experts have not been great. >> and it's really difficult to prove insanity, in any court case. >> again, they've got the burden. the defense. the prosecution has the burden to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, except in a case like this. where you say, i am legally insane. okay. then you have to then prove that. so the defense now has the burden to demonstrate that he is legally insane, meaning he didn't understand right to wrong and that's where it gets so hard. >> nancy, there was lots of focus on the victim's wife, andrea sneiderman. e-mails and texts that were exchanged between andrea sneiderman and mr. neuman. the defense is saying she actually manipulated mr. neuman into killing her husband. have they made their case? >> well, of course, they said that. both sides are saying the two of them had a sex affair prior to the murder. and now in court, the defense is left with nothing better to do than this, point to somebody else. but you know what, the state
7:37 am
says, great, they had an affair. so where does that really get the defense? >> right. there could have been manipulation, and that's still not insanity. >> right. >> even if you believe she was manipulative, even if you believe that she was engaging in efforts to get him somehow psychologically to do this, the question legally is, did he understand right from wrong? >> it doesn't matter. because the law is, for someone to coerce you to commit a crime, you have to be in fear of your own life. that didn't happen here. if this guy was overseeing thousands of employees and ran an $800 million budget, showed no symptoms of illness. before the incident and even admits to his shrink i knew what i did was wrong, that was in his case file. and the shrink says she didn't bother to read the whole file? not only one shrink screwed up on the stand but two shrinks for the defense failed him miserably. >> they're saying she dangled her own kids' welfare as the --
7:38 am
her own kids' welfare as a motivation. >> he's saying he thought he was doing the right thing in protecting the kids. but, again, proving that will ob proving that -- >> well, remember, dan, it wasn't just the wife. it wasn't just the wife that allegedly said the children were in danger. it was barry white and olivia newton-john. >> and on that neat -- note -- >> they were all in on it together. i guess the defense wants to bring them into court, too. >> dan and nancy, thank you for being here this morning. time for the weather now and sam champion. >> we'll go to bizarre pictures. a little bit of snow from west virginia to richmond. anywhere from 2 to 4, 6 inches of show. we you should you the pictures just as we come out. if you break the year down to the coldest months statistically, january, february, we call that meteorological winter. that's over.
7:39 am
fargo, its warmest winter ever. these were incredibly warm temperatures we put up with all fall and winter. now take a look at where we're headed this week. atlanta, 71. >> and though it is a chilly start in the good eastern half of the nation, atlanta to 60 today. orlando at 76. all that weather was brought to you by quaker oatmeal. elizabeth? >> all right, sam. thanks so much. coming up, a fiery war of words between christie brinkley and peter cook. why they're fighting right now four years after the divorce. they fighting four years after they divorced? in every way, a super grain. ♪ super for the fiber that helps fill us up.
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the bitter battle between christie brinkley and her ex-husband, peter cook, is back in the news. she's in court trying to sue get cook punished for breaking their divorce settlement. he says it's all a publicity stunt for the former supermodel. >> reporter: peter cook is not mincing words. he says she's far more concerned with the mirror than our children. and that she drove him to seek
7:44 am
pornography during their marriage. he says their allegations that he's a bully are simply a publicity stunt. writing "her billy joel uptown girl music video fame faded long ago." the only thing left for her to garner media attention is to continue to publicize the tawdry details of her nasty divorce from her fourth failed marriage. he's speaking out after brinkley accused him of intimidation. brinkley filed court papers last year saying he sent her aggressive e-mails. as a result, she's seeking $140,000 in fines. and brinkley's also accusing him of being a deadbeat dad. so last week, he filed court papers saying he's the one being bullied by her, and that he cared for the kids for five months last year while she relocated to new york city to perform on broadway. >> it was one of the most ambitious showdowns. >> reporter: theirs was the divorce heard around the world.
7:45 am
>> did secret surveillance tapes force him to agree to a settlement? >> reporter: four years ago,thy very bitter battle left no sorted detailed behind doors. she filed for divorce after he confessed to an affair with his 18-year-old employee and to viewing pornography online while they were married. in in indekregss he talked to barbara walters about. >> i realized my needs hadn't been taken care of. i took the coward's way out and had an affair instead of approaching my wife and saying, you know what, i'm not happy. >> what did you want? >> a little acknowledgment. a little attention. a little thank you now and then for my efforts. >> reporter: cook says he hasn't spoken to brinkley in five years. and that the e-mails that she's complaining about are in two years ago. even though the divorce is long ago, back to divorce court they go. where the differences will have to be settled by a judge once again. a spokesperson for brinkley said she tried to bring it up quietly.
7:46 am
so much for ma. >> boy. and you're talking to peter today? >> i'll be sitting down with peter cook later on for an exclusive interview. we'll have him on "gma" tomorrow morning. a sad story. coming up here, josh has "the play of the day." and kirk cameron's fight with his tv sibling tracey gold is heating up. we'll have the latest on that. with his tv sister heating up. [ female announcer ] discover dove's new nutri-oil serum with precious argan oil. a nourishing serum that boosts smoothness and shine,
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♪ you do ♪ something to me ♪ that nobody else could do ♪
7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> actually, the play of last night. an exhibition match between tennis stars caroline wozniacki and maria sharapova. two stars taking a minute out late if the match. there's wozniacki dancing with a fan. and sharapova getting into the act. look at that guy. having the time of his young life. >> such a kid. a big kid. >> then caroline wozniacki,
7:51 am
looking for something else. there is rory mcilroy, who this past sunday became the world's number one ranked golfer. and happens to be the boyfriend of caroline wozniacki. she says, i'm out of here. you play maria sharapova. there's rory lining it up. he proceeds to play something that approximates badminton. he's something of an athlete. he's the best golfer on the planet. look that. the point is won. and everybody wins. >> what a great sport. >> so fun. >> i would like to see her get up and try golf. >> jae, no. that'll be $973.42. ya know, your rates and fees aren't exactly competitive. who do you think i am, quicken loans? [ spokesman ] when you refinance your mortgage with quicken loans, you'll find that our rates and fees are extremely competitive. because the last thing you want
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7:56 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. jury selection is pecked to continue today in -- is expected to continue today in ross mere mere's domestic violence trial. his attorney has asked that the trial be moved out of the city saying all the publicity will make it difficult to get aim partial jury. mirkarimi has pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor charges for allegedly grabbing and wraouzing his wife's arm on new year's eve -- bruising his wife's arm on new year's eve. fastest winds sfo and
7:57 am
half moon bay 43, rest of us 20 to 35 mile per hour range. in the 50s today, 70s thursday and friday. it has been an especially slow drive westbound across the san mateo bridge because of an earlier accident. windy across the span as well. bay bridge backed up into the maze. the news continues with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ show me that smile again don't waste another minute on your crying ♪ live in times square this morning. that song always puts a smile on your face. but there's a family feud going on. the former family blasting kurk cameron for his anti-gay comments. sfwlit was great show. i'm surprised to see this cast so immersed in the controversy. >> i did not welcome elizabeth vargas. i apologize. >> i'm so offended. it's great to be here. we're counting down to the
8:01 am
start of the new season of "dancing with the stars." cameron mathison goes behind the scenes of the tense rehearsals. >> cam is tense? >> cameron is fine. can you imagine the nerves of the first time? still learning the cha-cha, the rumba? >> we're going the talk about one woman and her statling obsession. she's thinking pink all the time. her clothing, her dog, her clothes. this is a very real obsession. there's another one too. >> her dog. her dog. >> oh, look, it's a pink dog. >> it's a really fascinating story. you can't believe it. >> they don't naturally occur. >> pink dogs? no, only in my dreams. >> you're debating? >> very little side work. >> make the transition, josh. going to be impossible. we're going to begin with
8:02 am
breaking news. iran says it will allow inspectors into a secret military site near tehran. they suspect this is a place where nuclear. >> referee: related explosives are being researched. u.s. officials seem skeptical. voters in ten states head to the polls today for super tuesday. ohio and tennessee are key for mitt romney. if he wins those states, he could finally establish himself as the inevitable nominee. more americans do hold a negative view of him than positive. a north carolina man sentenced to life in prison for the beating death of his pregnant wife. his first trial ended in a hung jury. more from yunji de nies. >> reporter: the verdict came in a tense, emotional courtroom.
8:03 am
>> life in prison without benefit of parole. >> reporter: the jury found jason young guilty of brutally beating michelle young to death in 2006 while she was five months preg nant with their son. michelle's mother clutched her daughter's suit. >> this is michelle's. >> reporter: michelle's sister found her lying dead in her home. her daughter hiding in her mother's room. >> sweetie, do you know what happened to mommy? did she fall? >> she got a boo-boo. she got boo-boos ever where. >> reporter: jason young claimed he was on a business trip. prosecutors said he made the trip back to raleigh in the middle of the fight and killed
8:04 am
his wife. he took the stand in his first trial, admitted he was not always faithful but admitted his love for his wife. this time, he didn't testify. >> for him to testify again would have allowed prosecutors to point out inconsistencies between what he said the first time and what he's saying now. >> reporter: there was no physical evidence tying him to the murder of michelle young. the judge said he agreed with the jury's decision. he spoke about the brutality of the killing. he said michelle young was more than murdered, she was punished. relief on the way for air travelers and flight attendants. the major airlines are expanding the overhead luggage bins in their planes. etch those already in service. people, i'm not names names, elizabeth vargas, trying to avoid bag fees are cramming more
8:05 am
carry ons on board than ever before. it's tuesday, josh. good morning to you. and tonight on "world news," something facing so many women and men as well. you have too much to do, too little time, and too much stress. it can be potentially deadly. we'll show everyone what you can do about it. >> that would qualify as this news cast. too much to do, not enough time. >> you saved time for pop news. >> thank you, josh. >> you're very welcome. let's get to it. last night, on "the bachelor." the women told all. on the special, and boy, was it special. that girl, courtney, confronted by the other women. looks like she'll be e do fending herself next week, too, when ben's mom and sister meet the final two, of which she is one. >> a girl that was more dramatic or that the other girls didn't
8:06 am
like? >> yeah. there was. and there is. and it was courtney. and she's still here. it's been difficult. difficult, because i have had strong feelings for her. so that's one thing i've been struggling with. really struggling with. is it something i'm not seeing? >> yeah. >> after spend mrg time with each other, we're kind of past all of that? >> but at the same time, you have to be weary of -- the girl that generally doesn't get along with the other girls, that's kind of a red flag. >> you think? sister knows best, ben. we'll find out if ben continues to ignore the flags next monday on the season finale. it's not a good sign if elizabeth goes, is that the bachelor? >> you so busted me. >> oh, that should be -- um,
8:07 am
okay. let's get to our next story. actress me la cilas is kunit get a date? that's what she told "harper's bazaar." looking gorgeous. the "black swan" star gives a revealing interview about her lack of male attention and much more. >> i'm stunned. >> despite a highly publicized invitation to the marine corps ball last year, she hasn't had many offers since. she says she likes to stay home and watch tv with what she calls her besty, a glass of wine. >> come on. come on. >> it's a good article. she hoo she looks great. finally, everybody, a big day. happy birthday to the oreo.
8:08 am
a special birthday cake oreo, out for the anniversary. 1912, the oreo was born. >> what are you doing? what are you doing? >> i'm eating it the way it's supposed to be eaten. >> you're an interesting mike roe k -- microcosm. women more often than not do this. >> you're going against the grain. 1912, the year the titanic sunk, the year the oreo was born, the south pole was discovered. we want everybody to -- >> mine broke apart immediately. you bit right in. >> we have oreos for everyone tto celebrate. >> 100 years. what is this stuff? >> it's frosting. >> they think the name is the re
8:09 am
from "cream" surrounded by two os. we have to go. sam, sorry i took all your time. >> all's forgiven. you gave me your oreos. you hold the microphone? we're going to try these. these are the birthday kik ocak oreos. in dallas, it's absolutely delicious. dallas is delicious. that's what i'm saying. take a look at the warm air all over the country. the cold air, a little bit to the north will drop down now. this is not a brutal patch of cold air. it will readjust you a little bit. we are getting much too mild, much too quickly. atlanta, 60 degrees today. providence, 40. dallas, 74.h@
8:10 am
>> that is excellent mike roe phone work, by the way. >> thank you, very much, sam. here's what else we have coming up on the "gma" morning menu. it's the "grows pains" controversy. former tv costars facing of on comments made by kirk cameron.
8:11 am
and cameron mathison with the "dancing with the stars" debut. and we want you to meet the couple who really, really, really like cabbage patch dolls. they spent over $1 million on this obsession. [ female announcer ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss. ♪ made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. ♪ who knew being natural could be so delicious? coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. add your flavor naturally. coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. ♪ abracadabra. new hershey's milk chocolate
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and it's all, there's one shoulder missing, and, do you have anything with a zipper? zipper? z...ziiipper. zipper? zipper. zipper. you have a receipt? receipt. receipt. wow. that seems very heavy to carry around. when did you buy it? when did i buy it? when were the locusts? right after the locusts i believe. you have a receipt? this is ridiculous, really. this is, this is ridiculous! [ all ] this is ridiculous! ♪ now to that twitter feud we've been talking about this morning. kirk cameron kicked it off with a feet abotweet about homosexuality.
8:16 am
bianna golodryga has more. >> reporter: many remember kirk cameron as the teen son on "fwroes pains." now grown up and father of six, his tweets have sparked words. >> taking sides over kirk cam ron's controversial anti-gay comments. >> reporter: he's caused a backlash. >> if i asked you your view on gay marriage what would you say? >> go ahead and ask me. >> reporter: he candidly gave manies. >> do i support the idea of gay marriage? i don't. >> do you think homosexuality is a sin? >> i believe it's unnatural and ultimately destruct toif so many of the foundations of
8:17 am
civilization. >> reporter: cameron has never been shy about his strict religious views. starring in christian films like the left behind series. ♪ show me that smile again >> reporter: including harsh criticism from his growing pains family. alan thick erks said i'm getting him new books. tracey gold say i'm a strong supporter of the lgbt community. i believe in equal rights for all. their words today a different tune from what they said last october. >> kirk's choices for a lot of people seemed extreme. but when you thing about the choices that kids could make, what better choice cold you make than to choose a religious, spiritual life. >> reporter: but the comments have not all been negative.
8:18 am
others have come out in support. includes stephen baldwin. great job, kirk, let's pray one day piers morgan tinds true salvation. >> reporter: glaad said his comments are out of step with america. with the premire of "dancing with the stars" less than two weeks away, a dozen celebrities are learning how to dance as it's as they can. no tv cameras are allowed in just yet to the rehearsals. as cameron mathison learned, secrets are being spilled. take a look. >> reporter: one week after the cast was introduced on "good morning america," "dancing with the stars" couples with revealing information about their rehearsals on twitter. maria menounos said she can't wait to cha-cha. dancing was not a big hart of her childhood.
8:19 am
>> i had crooked legs when i was little. i wore leg braces and steel reinforced shoes until high school. >> reporter: sherri shepherd tweeted that val's pants slit while they danced. >> everybody has the same look in their lies. they were like, i want to win. i'm winning this thing. i got scared. >> reporter: tennis legend martina nafr till love is a may not be skaer cared. her dance pro revealed, she's not so tough. >> softy. >> reporter: really? >> you'll find out. >> reporter: she tweeted that the fox trot is exercising her brain and her body. she said she wore high heels playing tennis on the dance set. no tv cameras allowed yet into the closed door dance rehe
8:20 am
isleisle isles -- rehearsals, there are shil shots. melissa gilbert tweeted her children are not allowed to watch mom practice. >> when we met, you didn't know who i was. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: apparently maks didn't watch melissa on "little house on the prairie" decades ago. he makes no apoll skogies for hv viewers see him. >> yes, i'm difficult. >> reporter: did you get that? >> for all the right reasons, i think. and we're going to be good. >> reporter: have you seen that side of maks yet? >> oh, yeah. the number one thing i heard yesterday was, don't talk. shut up. i hear talking. shut up. quit it. it's new for me. >> reporter: she's competing against another former child
8:21 am
star, jaleel white. he played urkel in the hit tv series, "family matters." he's now 35 and a dad. his own mom insisted he join "dancing with the stars." spl she was like, they're going to pay you to learn how to dance? you turn that down, don't bring your butt home for thanks giving. >> reporter: he's keeping an eye on wide receiver, donald driver, who, according to skra leg ingi tweet, threatened to throw marbles on the dance floor. he's a singer and song writer. it sounds like a costume designer, too. >> i'm showing up every day. i'm wearing full-on garb dressed like zorro every day.
8:22 am
>> reporter: william levy with no shirt? his teacher doesn't mind. >> oh, my god, he's the hottest piece of you know what that we have ever had on the show. strictly professional. >> reporter: roshon fegan can shik it up. but appreciates direction from a pro. >> butt tucked. weight on the toes, okay. not bad. >> reporter: gladys knight and the pips. 1973. remember? ♪ leaving on that midnight train ♪ >> reporter: here we go. >> it's the same move. >> my mom watches the show. she's 91 in missouri. >> reporter: what advice would she give you? >> find out the difference between the fox trot and haul that other stuff and make sure that girl is nice to you. >> oh, how funny. >> reporter: nearly a 20-year
8:23 am
age difference between jack and anna and sherri and her pro, val chmerkovskiy, who appears half dressed on her twitter account. >> get a young one. that's part of my strategy. get a young one, it's going work out. >> reporter: the most common tweet by the celebrities, that their feet hurt. oh, i remember the days. >> i can only imagine. they're probably sizing each other up, right? estimating the competition? >> yeah, they are sizing each other up. they don't get to see the competition until the very first rehearsal before the live show. that's it. >> thank you, cameron. the new season of "dancing with the stars" premiers monday march 19th. in a two-hour special premiering at 8:00. switching gears. from a woman who has colored her
8:24 am
entire life pink to a couple who spent over $1 million on cabbage patch kids. tlc is exploring this in a new sew called my crazy obsession. hollywood, california. and kitty bringing it to a new level. >> i dare to be different. what to wear? no, make your own style. >> reporter: she dedicates her life to the color pink. >> in my collection, i have a pink television, pink soef parks the pink telephone. i of hats. i'm a hat girl. >> reporter: that only scratches the surface. she only uses a pink cutting board, pink soap, pink toothbrush and tooth paste. she rents a pink limo four times a month. her obsession with the shade
8:25 am
started 28 years ago. >> i wore a pink skirt and i had a pink shirt on. i got a lot of compliments. i loved the way i felt in it. >> reporter: that includes her best friend, kisses. >> she's my ever little thing. i love her to death. >> reporter: kitty spends over $100 a month for a special pink treatment. >> it's beet juice and vet approved. >> reporter: she feeds her obsession with color pink. pat and joe have more than 5,000 adopted kids. >> we have the largest cabbage patch collection in the world. >> our count now is probably 5,060. >> reporter: the cabbage patch craze hasn't been big since the early '80s.
8:26 am
>> we don't say dolls. it's kids or babies. >> reporter: they estimate they have spent over $1 million on dols. they continue to spend about $1,000 a month in maintenance, repairs, and keeping them in a climate controlled environment. they li a humble lifestyle. >> it's a mobile home. >> reporter: not so for the kids. >> we have two buildings. a little over 6 thundershower square feet. >> reporter: out of their 5,000 dolls, kevin is their favorite. he turned their collection into an obsession. >> he is priceless. >> priceless. i'm priceless. >> reporter: with whether it's dolls or colors, some people's fashion turning into complete obsession. cow can watch tomorrow night on tlc. coming up, stylist to the stars, brad goreski is with us. stay with us.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. san francisco list have one suspect in custody and looking for another following a car chase that ended in a crash 11:00 last night. -- the chase ended when the car crashed into three other vehicles in the bayview district. police arrested one at the scene and recovered a gun. the second man got away. no one was hurt. >> a check on your commute with frances dinglasan. very windy and many bay area bridges. san mateo had an earlier crash westbound still heavy drive time from 880 to 101 is about 35 minutes. there's also new crash south
8:28 am
880 at tennison two left lanes blocked. bay bridge toll still remains backed up through the maze. it is pretty windy out there. we'll check in with meteorologist mi
8:29 am
here's a look from sutro tower churning of ocean by fast winds gusting 40 miles per hour at the coast,
8:30 am
48 sfo. they will stay 25 to 35 in other -- in our ♪ baby you're a firework come on let your colors burst ♪ they're popping to katy perry. so is the crowd in times square. >> i like that song. >> me, too, i love that song. you see the "harry potter" films are so popular. >> sorry, sam. >> anyone can go behind the scenes now and see how the movies are made. the magic of the studio is about to open. for the first time, you can go see potter world. we have an exclusive look at all the magic coming up. >> my 9-year-old is going to want to do that. >> robin off today. elizabeth vargas here. >> nice to be here. our oscar fashion guru is going to be here, brad goreski. talking about the stars that
8:31 am
caused big fireworks on the red carpet. his fashion dos and don'ts. and he has a brand new memoir coming out, hitting stores today. all about brad in just a few minutes. >> that will be fun. also, we ask you is clutter taking over your world? >> yes. >> it's a big problem for a lot of people. the owners of this home needed an intervention of sorts to get back their space and sanity. >> it doesn't look so bad. >> that's because it just followed 5,000 cabbage patch dolls. >> compared to that -- >> compared to kevin. any way, we're going to help you with great tips on how to declutter your life. first to the fun news for the harry potter fans. the making of harry potter studio tours later this month. nick watt scored a sneak peek for all of us. hey, nick. >> good morning, george. listen, j.k. rowling has said she won't write more potter books.
8:32 am
and everything she's written they've already made into a movie. so what's left for the young potter heads? this studio tour. i got a sneak preview. they read all the books, seen all the movies. all that's left is to fly them to london to walk through the magical world of harry potter. you don't want your kid to know this is even a possibility. turn off now. ♪ okay, those of you who are left. a scene of colorful balls and floating candles are still here in these studios, where they made potter come to life. that's a real stone floor. the tables are laden with silverware. forget for a moment harry, ron, and hermione, this man casts the potter spell, the production designer, stuart crane. >> every time you see a long
8:33 am
shot, a wide shot of the cast until the movies, the first six movies, it is this. >> reporter: remember when it was covered in snow? remember when it was on fire and crumbling in the last movie? that's the only movie in which the model wasn't used. they took a digital scan of it so they could destroy it. this is hogwarts, preserved on this sound stage, twinkling lights and all. stuart crane and his team were set to task to re-create what took shape in minute detail in rowling's mind. >> she executed it with such certainty. it's always a challenge. it's always daunting. the adapting the books. but this especially? >> who is the one wizard voldemort always feared? >> reporter: because harry and
8:34 am
his world have crystallized in the minds of kids all over the world. remember the common room? i got to walk right through it. when daniel radcliffe first set foot here, he felt like he was stepping into the pages of the books he read as a kid. the hogwarts dormitory is here in every detail. down to the monogrammed tu emed and slippers. reminds me of my boarding school. it's supposed to. ever wonder how they shot harry on the broom stick? this contraption. they stuck in the background later. >> and it's good when cow can see it's scenery. look. >> reporter: this is all actual scenery from the movie. and this is dumbledore's study. the detail is obsessive. the effect is mesmerizing. what is the best affirmation of your work? the fact that j.k. rowling likes it? >> yes. >> welcome, harry, to diagon
8:35 am
alley. >> reporter: my favorite spot on the tour, diagon alley. they built the whole thing. maybe this isn't just for kids. and, you know, i'm not the biggest harry potter fan on earth, but i loved it. perhaps because they're the actual sets. they still seem to generate a bit of magic. elizabeth, you must take your 9-year-old. george, i think you would like it too. >> i'm going to be there, nick. work us in. >> she was just talking about that, nick. let's get to sam and the weather. >> good morning, gang. here in times square, we're just trying to keep warm this morning. it will get better as the day goes on. let's check the weather. we have pictures of snow. that's a nice thing. we haven't had a lot so far this winter. that's nice. look that up with. look at that one, timber creek, vermont. look at the states highlighted
8:36 am
in red or orange. those are the states going today. oklahoma, 71 degrees. not a bad weather map today. may start chilly in some places in the east. we have a new system that makes some rain on the west coast. we get a little mountain snow. in the west, every time you get a little bit more rain and snow, it makes the snow pack that much more unstable. into the south, it's great. it will get milder as we get through the week.@b >> all that weather brought to you by j.c. penney. now back to -- >> all: george and elizabeth. >> thank you, guys. >> nicely done. coming up, it's a brad brad world.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
brad goreski is the star of "it's a brad brad world." he built up his celebrity client styling business from one client to a client list that includes
8:40 am
a-listers like jessica alba and demi moore. he has a new memoir called "born to be brad." but first, here's a look at some of our favorite brad moments. >> he's a pest. >> she thinks we're girlfriends. >> they don't know you're ga? >> everyone when he dresses like that, she still doesn't know that. i don't mow how smart she could be. >> let's say surprised face. over the shoulder. >> going to the music in your head. right? i know it. >> kiddie pageant queen. just plain gorgeous. >> for everybody, excellent. everybody very kind of demure and model-like. brad, you can be brad. >> meaning what exactly? >> brad, you can be brad. i guess that's the easiest thing to be.
8:41 am
>> good morning. congratulations on the memoir. it took you six months to write it? >> yeah. we were writing it while i was filming the show and working. i thought why not add one thing into the mix. i figured while i was revealing so much of myself on the show we should put it down on paper, too. >> you reveal in the book that when you were just 12 years old, your parents took you to a therapist who was supposed to quote unquote cure you of being gay. >> i didn't know that at the time. my mom read the book and she said, the doctor told us to do this. we did it as a way to try to figure out how to kind of deal with you. and, you know, trust me, it did not un-gay me. you can see that. my family is so supportive of me, and my boyfriend, and my relationship. it was their way of trying to get help. >> you were in a small town. so perhaps it was a lack of sophistication do you think, at that point?
8:42 am
>> i think it was them being directed by my doctor. this was the answer to him, what he need to do. i think it helped my family. we all did counseling together. i think it opened up a lot of dialogue. >> it's still an issue. we're hearing today, earlier on the show, kirk cameron's remarks about gay marriage and homosexuality. being what he calls unnatural and touching off a fire storm of controversy. still, people obviously believe it. >> it is sad. i would be happy to send kirk a copy of my book. and episodes of my show. my relationship with my boyfriend is completely natural and normal. and i have the support -- the book is a celebration of the women and the support i have had throughout my life from kindergarten teachers all the way through to the people i have worked with recently. i think being whoever you are is to be celebrated. i don't think any of us have the right to say what is natural and unnatural. >> one of the other things that
8:43 am
might surprise people is your candor about your fight with drugs. you were addicted to cocaine for a bit. how did you -- how did that happen, actually? >> it was a really, really quick decline. i thought that what i was doing was just partying and being 20 years old. i found myself doing cocaine for every day for a little while. and i talk about this in my book, too. i remember that moment so clearly of, having been out all night partying and looking in the mirror and saying, you can make a decision here. you can keep this up and die young or you can see what your potential can be and what you can do with your life. i'm glad i decided the latter. i decided to get sober. i've been sober for over ten years. >> congratulations. you described a painful episode. wrapping christmas presents while doing lines of cocaine.
8:44 am
the contradiction of those two images. >> that was one of the lowest points. you know, christmas was always such a big deal with my grandmother who is very much celebrating in the book as she's no longer with us. i was like this is not me. i shouldn't be doing this. at this moment. like, being out and partying is one thing. being at home and getting ready for christmas, it seemed like such a low point. it got a lot worse than that. but -- >> glad you got it all taken care of. >> me, too. >> and rent went to rehab for that. you worked with one of the top names in fashion, rachel zoe, for three years. that was tumultuous. >> yeah. >> what was it like for you? >> it was amazing. i love rachel. she was such a wonderful boss and a great mentor. i feel lucky to have worked with her. >> what is the most important thing you learned from her? >> she taught me in this business where people are --
8:45 am
there's a stereotype of being mean and unkind, she taught me to be kind with people. she was so nice, so generous. showed me a world that as a chubby kid growing up, i never thought i would get to see. i'm grateful to her. >> you were doing commentary for us for the oscars. everyone was struck by the angelina jolie gown and the pose she struck. what did you think of hat? >> i was going to wear a gown with a high slit this morning and stick my leg out. >> you can go back and change. >> i might. i don't know. angelina, she got everybody talking again. and she's so talented and beautiful. it's -- you know -- it's definitely -- >> is she for real? >> i hope so. i actually saw her in the british airways lounge once
8:46 am
during her lara croft tomb raider series. i asked her if she needed help getting a sprite out of the refrigerator. >> it's in the book. the book, hits stores today. coming up, get the clutter out of your life and under control. we'll show you how in just a moment. m m m m m m m m m m m mm
8:47 am
8:48 am
ah, clutter. it can so easily invade our lives. you know what i'm talking about. some people do take it to a whole new level. on his show, "extreme clutter" peter walsh helps home owners reclaim their space and their sanity. first, take a look. >> this is amazing. >> this is incredible. >> reporter: you only have to look at the results to see that peter walsh knows how to get the
8:49 am
job done. so when donna was creating a clutter crisis, peter rescued her from 30 years of accumulated stuff. >> look at this. >> it's incredible. >> reporter: working his magic one room at a time. from the living room -- >> oh, my -- gosh. we can see the fire lace. >> the design and how it was executed in terms of the open feeling is just wonderful. >> reporter: to the dining room. >> oh, look at this. this is beautiful. >> i love the color. >> look at this. >> it's beautiful. >> and then the kids' room. >> oh, my gosh. transforming lives for the better. one clutter collection at a time. "o" magazine contributor peter
8:50 am
walsh has an article in the new issue. i have to ask you. where does cluttering end and hoarding begin? >> so many people are caught up in the idea of hoarders and hoarding. hoarding is the population about 1.5 president. a small froup. usually, there's a huge mental health issue. i'm talking about the rest of us that struggle with the paperwork, the kids toys, the garage out of control. 80% of couples argue about the cluter in the house. that's who i deal with. >> there are specific kinds? >> there are. if you can understand what kind of clutterer you are, i can help you get beyond that. "o" has all of those clutterers listed. >> identify your inner clutterer. >> the first one is sort of like
8:51 am
monica from friends. we have a clip. do you remember monica how she was -- >> behinds closed doors clutterer. >> you looked really -- i think this is me. >> everything looks perfect. then just don't scratch the surface. it's like someone is knocking at the front door, close the door on the spare bedroom. open the closet, the chris ma presents come out. >> then there's the sent mental clutterer. if you're a parent, how can you not be? between the art work and papers. i know i'm that, too. i'm 2 for 2. >> with the sentimen catal clut, if you say it's important, frame it,dy play it, show it with honor and respect in your home. take the power away from the stuff and the clutter and start showing everyone i honor and
8:52 am
love this stuff. >> quickly, the requested of photographing your kids art work and putting it on a disk. >> see, my little kid's all grownup. make great books of photos. >> i'm in this group, too. the techie clutter. >> you went into a meltdown over this. >> how do you not have all of that? >> this makes no sense. what you need to do, number one is to label all of the cords and tech stuff that you have and two, try something as schism as this. four boxes. look, listen, travel, data. they're the labels i use. separate stuff into those boxes. looks tidy. >> you're invited to my home any time. ty thank you so much. thank you, my friend. we'll l
8:53 am
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and tomorrow, on "good morning america," get ready to go camping in some really cold
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good morning i'm kristen sze. opponents of the new 49er stadium project are considering an appeal. a judge ruled the stadium financing deal does not have to go before voters again. opponents argued the 850 million dollar construction loan is too risky and wasn't what they originally voted for. >> we have winds out there. a lot of people talking about it especially gusts around the airport. they could get faster at higher elevations this afternoon from noon until midnight areas in yellow 40 to 55 miles per hour. 50° temperatures today. very windy across many bay area bridges san mateo bridge only 10 te


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